Finding quality architects on the East End of Long Island

We needed someone local to Eastern Long Island that we could trust to design our project with a keen knowledge of realistic construction costs, residential building systems, and sustainable design at all levels. We found Ernie through one of his very satisfied clients who is also now a neighbor of ours.
- Michael Heningburg, Jr., Esq.

Part of the American dream is home ownership. However, when individuals are unhappy with the homes for sale on the market, they may decide that they want to design and build their own home to suit their needs and tastes. This is when clients may start to search for quality architects on the East End of Long Island.

Finding an architect that will listen to your desires and help make your dream home a reality isn’t always easy, but Ernest Schieferstein is here to help. At Ernest Schieferstein Architecture, we understand that you want to create a home that is unique enough to call your own. You may want to integrate specific aspects that help make your life easier. You may want to deal with an architect who can not only design your home, but also decorate the inside and provide landscaping services outside. If this sounds like your idea of a quality architect, now is the time to contact Ernest Schieferstein Architecture.

Our quality architect will listen to your needs. He will take into consideration the design concepts you enjoy, the type of architecture you are attracted to, and the way you want to utilize your living space. Do you entertain a lot and need plenty of space, or are you more of a minimalist who enjoys cozier, intimate areas? Do you need many bedrooms and bathrooms or want a home that just fits your immediate needs? Do you want a home that feels comfortable and homey or one that feels like a vacation getaway? Discussing your desires with a professional is the best way to obtain the best design results. Ernest Schieferstein takes these ideas to the drawing board and helps create spaces that are best utilized by you and your family.

There are many architects on the East End of Long Island, but it is important to work with one whom you respect and trust. Contact Ernest Schieferstein Architecture today to introduce yourself to a leading architect in the area and find how he can help make your dream home a reality.

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