What do some of the best summer homes in NY have?

Ernest Schieferstein Architecture is a quality firm that works with clients in rejuvenating many different kinds of living spaces from residential to commercial. Being the NY area by the Hamptons, his team also works closely with many individuals who want to renovate, redesign, and greatly improve the value of their summer homes. Our firm provides interior design, landscaping, and architecture for renovation and improvements, and we should be considered by anyone in the area who wants to rejuvenate their vacation home.

Vacation homes are typically homes purchased by individuals to use during the summer months to take some time away from their busy, everyday lives. Ernest Schieferstein understands the importance of the comfort and beauty of these summer homes and wants to help clients in achieving a space best suited for their vacation needs.

When redesigning a summer home, it is important to consider the amenities. Do individuals want amenities such as a hot tub in the back? What about a fire pit? Large areas of plush landscaping may also be great for families with children who want room to play ball and Frisbee. Ernest Schieferstein starts his design ideas with his clients in mind and may ask many questions to help them envision their dream space.

Summer homes should also have adequate cooking areas to prepare meals for the family. Other advantageous ideas may include wine storage spaces, cooktops that are easy to use and clean, and even kitchen islands with bar stools to encourage families to gather around the area and enjoy conversations while preparing dinner. One of the advantages of a vacation home is time to spend with family, and the kitchen is often considered the “heart of the home.” This should be no different in summer homes.

Some of the best summer homes are close to local tourist areas and restaurants so families can meet up with friends in town. However, by considering amenities such as hot tubs and fire pits, perhaps the party will be at the vacation home instead.

Ernest Schieferstein encourages clients to consider his firm for developing beautiful, comfortable living spaces in summer homes to ensure many memories are made and happiness abounds!

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