Enjoy complete architectural services in NY with Mr. Ernest Schieferstein

Homeowners in the NY area who are seeking complete architectural services are encouraged to contact Mr. Ernest Schieferstein of the Sag Harbor area to learn more about all that can be done. From simple interior design to complete renovation of home or business spaces, his firm, Ernest Schieferstein Architecture, is readily available for homeowners interested in tackling small or large projects in their living or working spaces. Below are just a few of the most common architectural services provided by his firm:

Residential and Commercial Architecture

Individuals or businesses ready to tackle large or small renovation projects or design ideas are welcome to contact the firm of Mr. Ernest Schieferstein. His firm has worked with both residential and commercial spaces, either redesigning them, renovating them, or building them. His expertise makes him one of the most experienced architects in the Sag Harbor, NY area.

Interior Design

Once these spaces have been created, Mr. Ernest Schieferstein can continue by providing interior design services. He can help his clients in making their vision a reality and instill a certain “feel” into a home or business space. He listens carefully to his clients to help them design a space they feel comfortable and productive in.

Landscaping Design

From hardscaping to landscaping, Mr. Ernest Schieferstein has done it all! Outdoor spaces can be difficult for individuals to redesign, especially if they lack creativity or knowledge when it comes to managing plants, flowers, and trees. Mr. Ernest Schieferstein can look at an outdoor living space and make it amazing. He assesses the desired use for the space, understands what his clients are looking for, and takes into consideration upkeep and management to design an area where individuals can feel comfortable and entertain friends and family with ease.

If you are located in or around the Sag Harbor, NY area and are interested in full architectural services with a quality team, contact Ernest Schieferstein Architecture today. He is happy to assist individuals with their home and business renovation and design needs.

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