Hamptons, NY area residents can enjoy complete design services with Ernest Schieferstein

When we were looking to hire an architect to design our Sag Harbor house, we ideally wanted someone that could design a home that would become a cherished heirloom for family generations.
- Michael Heningburg, Jr., Esq.

Are you interested in renovating or designing a new living or workspace? Do you want to enjoy services by an architect who provides full design services in and around the Hamptons, NY area? If you want to have a quality architect complete your entire project from start to finish, today is the day to contact Ernest Schieferstein Architecture.

Ernest Schieferstein provides complete design services for clients in and around the Sag Harbor community. From the start to finish, he can meet his clients' needs and work through the entire process whenever needed. Not only does he help in the pre-planning of construction and renovation and even negotiations with contractors, he also assists with building regulation evaluations, site selection, master planning, and project management.He provides his clients with living and working solutions that meet their needs and desires by listening to them and walking them through the process every step of the way. Both residential and commercial spaces receive the care and attention necessary to meet Mr. Schieferstein's high standards.

Even after the architectural portion is complete, Ernest Schieferstein can also provide indoor and outdoor design. Interior design is one aspect of his business in which he can focus his attention on the flow and appearance of these new spaces, and he also works with a dedicated team to provide landscape design—which includes gardening, pergola design, and site planning. He works closely with many landscaping companies and provides stunning and affordable spaces for work and play.

If you live around the Hamptons, NY area and are interested in seeking assistance from a quality architect, look no further than Ernest Schieferstein. His architectural firm, started in 1982, takes an individual approach with every design project he is presented with. He can provide you with all the services you need to see your renovation or remodel project from beginning to end, while educating you along the way and honoring your desires and needs. His extensive portfolio is available on his website and includes samples of architectural planning, interior design, and landscaping services.

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