East End, NY architects describe how project estimates are determined

Clients in East End, NY who are interested in renovating or designing a new space often turn to architects to help them take that first step. Architects can help develop the design for the new area and help individuals to achieve a space that is best for their specific needs and desires. Ernest Schieferstein of East End, NY is an architect that provides a wide range of services, which includes architectural design, interior design, construction, and landscaping.

Ernest Schieferstein helps his clients from start to finish, from design conception to completion. He can help clients in finding the contractors necessary to complete the job to his high standards. He makes the entire process easy for his clients because he handles it all!

After Ernest Schieferstein has designed the residential or commercial space, he can then provide his clients with a project estimate. Project estimates help individuals learn about the expected cost of their new renovation or design. Most individuals will give their architect a goal of the cost range they would like to aim for and Ernest Schieferstein will do his best to meet this expectation. However, a project estimate is just that—an estimate. There are situations in which the estimate may be higher or lower as construction begins. This may be due to unseen issues behind walls or changes in materials that may come up during the construction process. However, Ernest Schieferstein will discuss all possibilities to give his clients an estimate that is accurate and achievable. Changes may occur, but he will communicate these issues throughout the project and help his clients make appropriate decisions and alterations as necessary.

If you live in the East End area of New York and are interested in hiring an architect that offers a wide range of services, contact Ernest Schieferstein Architecture today to schedule a consultation visit. This initial meeting is a great way to find out if Ernest Schieferstein can meet your needs and expectations as an architect, contractor, and interior designer, no matter what your specific goals with your residential or commercial space.

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