Eastern Long Island architect designs many residential and commercial spaces

We could never have accomplished this result without an architect who took on this small project with the same thoughtfulness and creativity he takes on a new build.
- Rose Fass

The home and business are the two places where Eastern Long Island individuals spend a majority of their time. This is why it is so important for clients to consider an architect for developing both residential and commercial spaces. Ernest Schieferstein of Ernest Schieferstein Architecture is an architect who understands the time spent at home and at work and he wants to ensure these spaces are pleasing, effective, and appropriate.

Ernest Schieferstein is an Eastern Long Island architect who provides design solutions and construction of many residential and commercial spaces including:
  • Private and public housing
  • Recreational facilities
  • Senior living
  • Educational facilities
  • Libraries
  • Office spaces
At his firm, he encourages those interested in building new locations or remodeling current structures to contact an architectural firm to develop the plans and design for the most appropriate use of the space. Clients need to discuss with their architect the design elements they would like in the area, what style of architecture they are interested in, and what they want to achieve in the space. By providing the architect with a picture of their vision, Ernest Schieferstein can make his clients’ dreams come true!

Knowing the type of space available, and what is to be achieved at this location is the best way to help Ernest Schieferstein create an appropriate look and design. Retail locations may need extra storage space and room for displaying products, while other spaces such as senior living locations may need several community areas for socialization and interactive activities. Knowing the way the area will be used is essential in helping our team design a space that works appropriately for its intended purposes.

If you live in or around the Eastern Long Island area, and you are interested in speaking with an architect who has the experience and vision to make your dream space a reality, contact Ernest Schieferstein Architecture today.

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