Integrating modern architecture in your Hamptons home

He excelled to work with a very tight schedule to get in for the Hampton's summer season as we looked so much forward to and worked well with the contractor chosen for the project with a lot of onsite inspection and coordination.
- Francisco D'Agostino

Ernest Schieferstein is a Hamptons area architect who works with clients to develop and design spaces for both residential areas and commercial. Using some of the most modern design ideas in his architecture, he is able to bring older homes up-to-date by integrating modern architecture into them. When done correctly, homeowners will be able to see the way in which these less traditional ideas can make an older home more contemporary.

Modern architecture typically integrates clean lines and more eco-friendly materials. Some of the best architects including Frank Lloyd Wright work these ideas into the homes he designs. Many of these modern buildings are admired for their appearance, sustainability, and their unique qualities. Ernest Schieferstein encourages clients to consider modern architecture when designing newer spaces, especially those who want to achieve environmentally friendly homes and businesses.

Modern architecture often works with glass, metal, and “green” materials such as bamboo. These materials are typically more expensive than others available on the market but provide a dramatic difference in the way a space looks and feels. More and more clients are interested in reducing their footprint and are willing to spend more to achieve this while improving the overall value and beauty of their living spaces.

Ernest Schieferstein is an architect who is well versed on the many different phases of architecture and how homes and business spaces have evolved over time. He continually educates himself on changing trends in the field of architecture and takes the time to work with clients to determine the best, most effective ways of updating an older home while maintaining its charm and history. Integrating modern architecture requires an individual to have a wonderful sense of space and design to achieve beautiful, harmonious results.

Ernest Schieferstein and the team of Ernest Schieferstein Architecture encourage individuals in the Hamptons area to consider the advantages of working modern architecture into traditional homes. The balance between contemporary and conventional is often a beautiful thing! Call his firm today to schedule a consultation appointment to speak to him and learn about the ways to transition your home into the modern century.

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