Crucial elements used by modern architects in the Hamptons, NY area

One of the most commonly requested designs by those seeking Hamptons, NY area architects, are modern architecture. While traditional, Victorian, and other design solutions are used in specific areas where the culture is rather defined, many up-and-coming clients in the Hamptons, NY area are interested in modern architecture.

Modern architecture is a style that is often seen as minimalist. Attention is given to form, function, and clean lines without the use of many ornamental structures or designs. While many believe modern architecture is relatively new, it came about around the 1900s and it continues to provide clients with a focus for large, clean, and uncluttered living spaces.

There are many characteristics and crucial elements for modern architects to follow in terms of design and development of modern residential and commercial areas. Many modern spaces avoid unnecessary details and focus on simplicity. Frank Lloyd Wright, a well-known architect, admired for his modern architecture, believed that modern architects should keep in mind that "form follows function." This means that every element of modern architectural design should be developed around the need for that element before the design. Modern architecture also focuses on 90-degree corners; the use of materials such as glass, iron, and steel; and an emphasis on clean vertical and horizontal lines throughout the design.

Ernest Schieferstein of Ernest Schieferstein Architecture understands the elements needed to duplicate a modern appearance. From homes to businesses, he has provided many Hamptons, NY area clients with modern architecture that is both beautiful and fully functional for their lifestyle. He has studied the elements of design needed to engineer modern spaces for the past and present clients and works closely with his clients to redesign their living spaces into beautiful areas of interest.

If you are interested in a remodel of your home or business in the lines of modern architecture, contact Ernest Schieferstein today for a consultation appointment. His website is also a excellent resource to see past projects and renovations to understand his experience and expertise in providing clean, modern designs to suit lifestyle needs and expectations.

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