NY Metro area architects provide amazing designs for commercial and residential spaces

We feel like we have a new home inside and out. The exterior is a beautiful as the interior. Cars drive by and stop to look at the front of our house.
- Rose Fass

An architect is a professional who works closely with individuals to help them develop a structure for personal or commercial use that fits their specific needs and desires. This professional can take clients' dreams and make them a reality using materials and designs that fit the personality of the space. Ernest Schieferstein of the NY Metro area is a professional architect who provides not only building design, but offers interior design and landscaping services to complete the space.

Architects first consult with their clients to learn about the space they are designing. They may be remodeling their current home or want to build a commercial building for their business. Ernest Schieferstein listens to the needs and requirements of the client and then creates some sample sketches to see what suits their desires. They work together to fabricate a beautiful structure and then discuss the costs necessary to make it happen.

Ernest Schieferstein works with clients from start to finish. He hires contractors whom he has worked with in the past, and they have developed a positive working relationship. He understands the importance of having trusted professionals working alongside him in helping his clients. He can recommend certain contractors and professionals along the way to help in the construction of a new or renovated space and allow clients the chance to get a glimpse into the joy of renovation and construction!

Many clients are glad that they have a professional such as Ernest Schieferstein at their side through the entire process. Not only does he design the space, but he also makes it a reality for those who are ready to invest in their home or business. If you would like to learn more about the architectural services available, contact Ernest Schieferstein Architecture today to book a consultation appointment and discuss the ways in which a space can be rejuvenated and restored with the design elements that can make a house a home! He assists those in and around the NY Metro area and surrounding communities who want to consult with a professional with years of experience in design and construction.

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