Southampton architects explain modern and contemporary design

As proprietor of a renovated historic home in Southampton Village, I am happy to confirm that Mr. Ernest Schieferstein is a remarkable Professional in the Architectural field who has managed to complete all our requirements in a tough architectural review board district.
- Francisco D'Agostino

Ernest Schieferstein is a Southampton area architect who understands what his clients seek in their home and business design. Architects are encouraged to work closely with clients to hear their ideas and concepts in order to create their dream space. Many clients are interested in having their residential and commercial spaces created with modern and contemporary design in mind.

Modern and contemporary design has actually been around for many years, though the idea of “modern” is loosely dictated. However, in most contemporary designs, some common themes carry through and are a highlight of the architectural design.

First, the idea of “form follows function” is important. This is the notion developed by Louis Sullivan, Frank Lloyd Wright’s mentor, that the design of a product should be closely related to its final purpose. This line is often heard from architects in the Southampton area creating modern architecture.

Second, modern design focuses on simplicity and clean lines. Unnecessary details are not added to the elements of contemporary design because this detracts from the clarity of final product.

Third, materials used in modern design are often set up at 90 degrees of each other. This follows the clean line concept of many architectural structures developed with a contemporary look. It has a specific emphasis on lines including horizontal and vertical lines that help add to the modernism of architectural designs.

Fourth, modern design focuses on the “truth to materials” concept. Most materials used to create the structure are left in their natural state without being covered or concealed. For example, many modern structures may have steel beams visible on the ceiling or use natural woods that have not been altered.

If you live in the Southampton or New York area and want to work with a quality architect who has the experience in providing designs that relate to the modern and contemporary feel, contact Ernest Schieferstein Architecture today to schedule a consultation. Ernest Schieferstein can help make your dream a reality and exceed your expectations in architectural design.

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