Architects and services available for clients in the Hamptons

Do you have a home in the Hamptons you are considering renovating? Are you interested in interior design for your home or business? Are you ready to speak to a professional about building the home of your dreams?

Ernest Schieferstein of Ernest Schieferstein Architecture is a quality architect who can assist potential clients in and around the area of the Hamptons. This New York based architectural firm provides building construction and consultations and can offer interior design and landscaping services as well.

When it comes to developing a renovation project or building a home or office space from the ground up, Ernest Schieferstein can help. His firm can assist with many services including the management of the entire project from start to finish. His team works with clients on site selection, building regulations, and project management, and can design the lighting, master plan, and interior design for the entire job.

Ernest Schieferstein helps clients from start to finish with small to large projects. Below are just a few of the commonly requested services available through his architectural firm:

  • Site selection consultation
  • Design and master planning
  • Project estimation and cost control
  • Pre-planning and negotiations
  • Working drawing designs
  • Project management
  • Building regulation evaluations
  • Lighting design

Many clients in the area are considering the building or renovation of their summer homes in the Hamptons, or are ready to transform their residential or commercial space. Projects of all sizes can be handled by Ernest’s architectural firm, from building at the ground up to the interior design and landscaping for the finishing touches.

From the start of the project to the end, Ernest Schieferstein will ensure everything is done to his extremely high architectural standards. He believes everyone should be able to make their home or business attractive, functional, and a space they can truly enjoy.

If you are located in or around the New York area and have been considering an architectural firm for your renovation or building needs, contact Ernest Schieferstein Architecture today to schedule a consultation to discuss your dreams and make your vision a reality!

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