Ways West Hampton area clients can achieve more affordable interior kitchen designs

The kitchen is considered the heart of the home. It’s where family meets several times a day for meals and conversation. It is where get-togethers start and love is shared, and this makes kitchens an important aspect of many West Hampton homes. However, a complete kitchen remodel can easily cost thousands of dollars, especially when appliances and cabinetry are replaced. Clients who are interested in more affordable kitchen interior design ideas may speak with Ernest Schieferstein of Ernest Schieferstein Architecture to learn about economical solutions that can greatly enhance these prime living spaces.


Replacing all the cabinetry in a kitchen can be pricy, so individuals seeking a more affordable option may consider staining or painting their current cabinetry if it is in good shape. Painting the cabinets, changing out hardware, and even replacing the countertops can make a dramatic difference in the kitchen.


A fast and easy way to spruce up a kitchen area is with tile treatments or painting to the walls. Choosing a contrasting paint color to the cabinets can make walls and cabinetry pop, while tile can be used to dress up backsplashes.

Tile Floor

Sometimes all a kitchen needs is new tile on the floor. Vinyl can look unattractive and reduce the value of a kitchen space, while placing porcelain tile can make a huge difference in the value and the appearance of these spaces. A new tile floor can be relatively inexpensive when compared to a complete kitchen renovation.


When appliances are beginning to show their age, clients often begin to consider the advantages of replacing them. Appliances can all be purchased at once to get matching sets with the same brand and appearance for seamless integration into the kitchen.

Window Treatments

Any windows in the kitchen area should be showcased properly so they bring in sufficient natural lighting. Blinds and shades may be considered as long as they don’t block the sunlight that can easily brighten the kitchen area.

As you can see, there are many ways for West Hampton area clients to dress up their kitchen spaces. Contact Ernest Schieferstein Architecture today to learn about the ways in which kitchen interiors can be rejuvenated in an affordable and effective manner.

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