Tips for achieving beautiful and comforting bedroom interiors in NY

The bedroom is where many of us spend a lot of time sleeping, but also resting and relaxing after a long day. It can be a sanctuary for many men and women from their day-to-day life. Bedrooms need to be places that are comfortable and relaxing, and their interiors must be both beautiful and peaceful. Mr. Ernest Schieferstein of the NY area is an interior designer who understands the best way to achieve this for clients who are interested in rejuvenating their bedroom spaces and ensuring it accommodates their needs.

Mr. Ernest Schieferstein keeps many things in mind when it comes to decorating a bedroom and making it a private escape for the individuals who are redecorating. A bedroom is private and should be a place clients can come to at the end of the day and feel relaxed.

Below are just a few tips to consider when redecorating bedroom interiors:


Lighting in bedrooms should typically be dimmer than in other living areas of the house, though more direct, brighter lighting should be considered in areas where individuals might spend time reading. A brighter reading lamp should be used around the bed or chair where most reading will take place to reduce eyestrain, though the rest of the room should have lower wattage lighting to create a restful mood.


Bedrooms should be decorated and painted with colors that are considered comforting and relaxing. Many bright and bold colors, such as red, are known for promoting poor sleep because they are not known for reducing tension and stress. Instead, clients should be more inclined to use softer, more neutral or pastel colors in the bedroom to encourage better sleeping habits.


Curtains should be able to let light in or block it out. Clients who sleep during the day and work at night may want to speak to Mr. Ernest Schieferstein about the use of blackout curtains and draperies, which can keep unwanted, light out. Individuals who love letting in the morning sun may be better suited for sheer curtains and blinds, which allow for the filtering of light as necessary.

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