Services provided in Westhampton for designing interiors

Clients seeking a professional for designing interiors in the Westhampton area often seek the assistance of Ernest Schieferstein of Ernest Schieferstein Architecture. His company works hard to ensure clients have access to many different services that affect their home or business. From furniture design and layout to staging homes for sale, Ernest Schieferstein is here to help! Below is just a sampling of many of the services he offers through his company:

Space Planning

Many individuals who seek the assistance of an interior designer often want to maximize their space. Clients who are dealing with the planning of small spaces can enjoy an expert’s opinion in redesigning their space to make it appropriate for their needs and beautiful, at the same time!

Furniture Design and Layout

One of the biggest hurdles clients have is how to align and layout their furniture to allow for flow throughout high traffic areas of their house. Ernest Schieferstein can help clients determine how to design their spaces properly for all types of rooms including family rooms, bedrooms, and other living spaces within the home.

Kitchen and Bath Design

Some of the rooms in which clients spend most of their time are in the bathroom and the kitchen. Ernest Schieferstein can assist his clients in developing beautiful bathrooms and kitchens with the latest technologies and the most up-to-date appliances for a modern and effective space.

Electrical Plans

When clients are remodeling their home, they need to understand the design process of creating an electrical plan that meets their needs. This includes lighting and distribution systems, and working with local laws to meet all building codes.

Window Treatments

One way to rejuvenate a room is with window treatments. Window treatments can be used to enhance beautiful architecture or help frame amazing views. Ernest Schieferstein works closely with his clients to design window treatments that are both beautiful and effective.


Clients who are preparing to sell their home may consider the assistance of an experienced professional who has been designing interiors. This process, called staging can enhance the appearance of the home to ensure the space looks its absolute best.

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