East End interior designers describes monochromatic color schemes

We live two hours away in New Jersey, so we were glad to have someone that we could trust to get it built without us bird-dogging them. That is the beginning of our story of our wonderful house that we will enjoy for years to come.
- Michael Heningburg, Jr., Esq.

Ernest Schieferstein is one of many East End interior designers who understand the concept of color. When developing a design for a residential or commercial space, Ernest Schieferstein takes into consideration the ideas of clients. Bringing these dream spaces to life is his job, and he takes it very seriously. He also helps clients in deciding the best design solutions for their specific areas and may help them decide if a monochromatic color scheme is right for their room of choice.

A monochromatic color scheme focuses on providing a beautiful interior by using just one color. Monochromatic color schemes must be done right in order to make a great statement in the proper way. Monochromatic color schemes can be accomplished without being overwhelming. It is important to integrate neutral colors such as whites and blacks to help break up the color, and to utilize different shades and intensities of the same color. A monochromatic children’s room, for instance, may utilize varying tints of yellow throughout the space while integrating whites and grays for a muted appearance.

Monochromatic color schemes should be done with class and good taste so it does not become overpowering. This can easily happen, especially when clients ask for their wall color to be painted to match the monochromatic color scheme. With proper interior design techniques, East End clients can work with Ernest Schieferstein to develop an appropriate monochromic room without it becoming too strong and overbearing.

Monochromatic design can make a room look sensational when handled correctly. Clients should integrate in elements that are bright and natural looking. Integrating mirrors, black and white, and furniture that helps break up a room is typically desirable. Clients should also minimize large or small patterns and stick with solid colors to avoid risking a “busy,” overdone look.

Ernest Schieferstein is committed to helping his clients achieve the look without it being overpowering when patients walk into the space. Contact his team today to book a consultation appointment and allow Ernest Schieferstein into your space to help make your dream a reality!

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