Ideas for improving interior design for Westhampton homes

When clients in the Westhampton area are interested in having interior design work done, they often contact professionals such as Ernest Schieferstein. Ernest Schieferstein has provided architecture, landscaping, and interior design services for several decades and can help clients spruce up residential and commercial spaces with redesigns. However, many clients want ideas as to how to achieve a brighter, more beautiful living space indoors and out with interior design, and below are some of the top concerns that Ernest Schieferstein takes into consideration when redesigning a space:


Color can make all the difference in a room. Painting the walls and trim, as well as integrating matching colors in the furniture, pillows, and curtains can dramatically enhance a space. However, too much color and pattern can be used and can have an opposite effect, so it is essential that clients work with an interior design professional who has an artistic eye and training in the appropriate balance for best results.


Furniture can make or break a space, and if the furniture isn't comfortable, no one is going to want to spend much time in the room. Ernest Schieferstein can choose furniture that is not only great quality but that can provide comfort and a beautiful contribution to the room's d├ęcor.

Window Treatments

It is important to utilize window treatments when redesigning an interior space. Window treatments can be subtle and sleek or they can be dramatic and full of life. Determining the desired look in the space can help Ernest Schieferstein make an educated decision as to what type of window treatments to integrate into his interior design plan.


For some, organizing a space is the key to keeping it clean and beautiful. Organizational solutions can be integrated into an interior design space. Ernest Schieferstein will discuss with his clients if there is a need for storage in the room and if so, find a way to make that readily available.

If you live in or around the area of Westhampton, New York, contact the team of Ernest Schieferstein Architecture to learn more about the ideas and solutions behind designing interior home and business spaces.

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