North Haven area professional describes the importance of interior designing and staging for selling your home

At Ernest Schieferstein Architecture in the North Haven area, we understand the importance of having a beautiful home – especially when that home is about to hit the market. Individuals in the area who are interested in selling their home can invest in a professional who offers interior designing for staging their home.

Home staging is an aspect of interior designing that focuses on preparing the home so that it is attractive to those who are in the market to buy. Houses that are cluttered with mismatched items and unattractive furniture are harder to sell, and this is actually proven! In fact, the NAEBA, also known as the National Association of Exclusive Buyers Agent, performed a survey with agents and brokers to find that approximately 82% of homebuyers who visit a professionally staged home are distracted from cosmetic and structural issues of the home. They may overlook the imperfections and fall in love with the house based on how it appears. This is why home staging is incredibly important.

Home staging is not just a trend, but a skill that professionals who have the appropriate training can perform for individuals ready to prepare their home for sale. Families who are interested in placing their home on the market should consult with an interior designer such as Ernest Schieferstein to discuss upgrading furniture, rearranging rooms, and removing clutter to better display the home.

Ernest Schieferstein recommends that men and women interested in home staging contact his firm today to book a consultation appointment. Ernest Schieferstein can visit and assess the home’s appearance to determine how much work would be necessary to stage the home properly for sale. Individuals with quality furniture and well-combined patterns may be able to reuse their own furniture in the staging, while in other situations; our team can provide furniture in the home for optimum results.

Are you interested in improving the ability to sell your home? Now is the perfect time to speak to a professional about interior designing. Call Ernest Schieferstein Architecture today!

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