North Haven interior designer emphasizes the advantages of proper furniture layout

Men and women who are redecorating an interior space are often perplexed when it comes to proper furniture layout. They may believe that placing everything against the wall is best to make open space. However, this may not always be the most desirable layout. Ernest Schieferstein of Ernest Schieferstein Architecture is an interior designer in the North Haven area who has helped many families in achieving better balance, beauty, and flow in their home with proper furniture arrangement.

It may not seem like a big deal, but the way furniture is arranged in a room affects the feeling others get when walking into the space. A small living room with large furniture in the middle can make the area feel cramped, while a large living room with small furniture along the walls may make it an awkwardly spacious area. Instead, Ernest Schieferstein may make some recommendations regarding furniture layout to make the most of the space while ensuring it is welcoming for friends, family, and other guests.

Furniture placement is important, as it can give a home a clean, organized look. It can make a house look tidier and improve the flow of traffic through the room. Many individuals may not understand that more furniture in the room may also make it seem more spacious if it is laid out properly to the dimensions and space allotted. There is more to interior design than painting and placing furniture around the room, and an experienced professional who understands this is the perfect person to have on your side!

Ernest Schieferstein provides interior design services for homes and businesses, and provides home staging solutions when clients are ready to put their home on the market. Home staging is a lot like traditional interior design but is more specific to enhancing the appearance of the home to detract from other imperfections. If you are interested in interior design services and live in or around the North Haven area, contact Ernest Schieferstein Architecture today to book a consultation. We welcome new clients to our firm and can make recommendations in rejuvenating your residential or business space with interior design solutions.

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