Things South Hampton area clients should consider when planning their office interior

The office is where many men and women spend a majority of their time during the workweek. Forty hours a week—sometimes more—are spent in these spaces so individuals in the South Hampton area who are serious about office interior planning are welcome to contact Ernest Schieferstein Architecture to learn more about making these spaces more functional and comfortable.

Office interior planning is often more overwhelming than many individuals realize. Ernest Schieferstein is an architect with interior design experience that can make any work space a relaxing retreat for business owners, employees, and even clients that may visit the office. Planning this space requires some thought, and many clients are asked to consider some of the following:

What is the office used for?

The purpose of the office space will help determine how it is arranged and define the “flow” of the room. If the office is used for impressing clients, Ernest Schieferstein will use high quality décor and sturdy furniture, as well as pops of color to grab the attention of potential clients. Any devices such as computers and copiers will be integrated into the décor without looking too industrial.

What color should the walls be?

If it is your own space, color is primarily up to you. However, most office spaces do best with neutral walls, which makes it simple to redesign later on. Color can be added as an accent wall or through décor in the workspace.

Is the outdoors important to you?

If so, Ernest Schieferstein may suggest bringing some of the outdoors in! Using potted plants can add greenery and a renewed energy into the space. Many plants have great scents, which can add to the ambiance of an office area while keeping the air fresh and light.

What kind of traffic will this room see?

High traffic areas such as waiting rooms and conference rooms may need to consider appropriate flooring such as low pile carpets.

How much storage space is needed?

Ernest Schieferstein understands that some offices have many books, inventory, and paperwork, which can all add to a “cluttered” appearance. Utilizing smart storage space for all these office essentials is one way to improve the overall look and feel of an office space.

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