Front yard landscaping ideas for North Haven, NY area families

There is a lot to consider when determining front yard landscaping ideas. Ernest Schieferstein of North Haven, NY understands that many clients may feel overwhelmed when it comes to landscape design. Large areas of land without trees or flowers may be a wonderful clean slate, but clients are often at a loss when it comes to the best ideas to make this space useful and beautiful. This is when a landscape designer such as Ernest Schieferstein should be consulted to determine the best ways of addressing unused space in the front and back yard of the home.

The front yard is often the area that gets the most attention. Beautiful landscaping in the front yard can add to curb appeal while also increasing the value of a home. It can make or break a home sale for those interested in putting their North Haven, NY home on the market. When homeowners want front yard landscaping, they have many things to consider.

First, clients are asked by their landscape designer about their end goal. Are they interested in making affordable upgrades to help increase the value of their home to sell soon? Do they want to attract attention with beautiful flowers and lush bushes and greenery? Do they want to make their front yard more family-friendly, or are they more interested in planting shrubs and bushes to add to the privacy of their front porch? These are all good questions for individuals to consider when determining what is necessary for the rejuvenation of their outdoor spaces.

Second, clients considering privacy will want to decide whether they want to use hedges as boundaries or consider fencing. Traditional wooden fences are not as desirable as attractive bushes and shrubs, which can provide a natural approach to developing areas of privacy.

Third, clients should consider adding color and vibrancy to their front yard. Flowers and flowering trees are often suggested for families who want to add to the curb appeal of their homes and bring attention to beautiful gardens.

Fourth, clients should consider adding pathways to and around their homes. This is a good idea if both the front yard and the back yard are to be integrated living spaces for family and friends.

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