The process of landscape designing in East Hampton

Designing a landscape can be an intimidating process for many homeowners. Clients in East Hampton who are seeking professional assistance in designing their outdoor living environments can contact Ernest Schieferstein to enjoy his experience in creating landscape design that fits the desires of individuals as well as their budget, while adding value to their home or property. He provides many services to his clients, including full landscape design.

Ernest Schieferstein starts the process of designing landscapes for homes and business by meeting with clients for an initial consultation. He is often joined with Diane Sjoholm who is a specialist/team member in his firm that works with clients on achieving their landscaping needs. They will arrive on site to evaluate the property and speak with clients regarding their desires. Some individuals have specific ideas in mind, while others want to leave the work and development to a professional.

Diane Sjoholm then sketches out a concept design based on the specifications set forth by his client. This is a plan laid out with all the specific desires of the individual, including garden areas, ponds, patios, fencing, retaining walls, and plants. Some clients may want specific services such as residential garden design to help them maximize the beauty in a certain area of their yard.

Clients fine-tune the landscape design with Diane Sjoholm before the process begins. Diane Sjoholm works with many local landscapers who can assist in constructing the design from his sketches. Constructing the final design is done with care and attention to detail to ensure clients are satisfied with the results.

Many clients who seek the assistance of a landscape designer are excited to work with Diane Sjoholm. She listens to the desires of his clients and works closely with them to develop the best landscaping plan for their space.

Designing landscaped areas can help in improving curb appeal and increasing one’s home value, while also turning otherwise unused spaces into areas for entertaining and relaxing. Whether you are interested in creating an oasis in your backyard or developing beautiful landscaping before selling your home, Ernest Schieferstein and Diane Sjoholm are ready to assist. Contact them today to schedule your initial consultation and find out if their services can help in transforming your space into a custom work of art!

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