Things to consider when hiring New York landscape designers for your home or business

If you are in the New York area and you are considering landscape designers to help you transform your dull back yard into a daily retreat, now is the time to consider a phone call to Ernest Schieferstein Architecture. Mr. Ernest Schieferstein and his team have the ability to transform a boring piece of land into a place where family memories and wine are shared.

Many people in the New York area who have considered landscape designers may have been unsure of where to start. Mr. Ernest Schieferstein encourages his perspective clients to do their research and consider the following tips and tricks to make a knowledgeable decision in regards to the professionals to work with:

Know what you want

When homeowners are considering landscape design, it is a great idea for them to have a general idea of what they are looking for. It can be difficult to convey an idea or help a landscape designer understand what clients are looking for if they’re not sure what they want. Online pin boards and magazines are a great way for Mr. Ernest Schieferstein to develop an idea of what clients might desire in their newly redesigned living space.


A landscape designer will be able to provide an online portfolio of past jobs, which allows clients to browse their galleries of work and determine if they are an appropriate fit for their personal project. Clients can also look online to check out their online presence and read reviews of past projects completed by others in the area.

Schedule a consultation

A consultation is a wonderful time to sit down with a landscape designer and discuss with them your plans. This is also a great way to find out if you can work closely with the professional and if you feel as though you can trust them and build a working relationship with them. Mr. Ernest Schieferstein understands how stressful big projects can feel to individuals embarking on landscaping design.

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