South Hampton landscaping ideas to consider when redesigning outdoor living spaces

When individuals in the South Hampton area are interested in designing their outdoor living spaces from scratch, or have bought a home and want to change the existing landscaping, they may feel overwhelmed. Many people are unaware of where to start and if they don’t have a creative bone in their body, may feel as though they need some professional help. This is when Ernest Schieferstein and his team come in. He is able to consult with individuals who are interested in rejuvenating their landscape design and need guidance on the best landscaping ideas.

In order to get landscaping ideas for property, Ernest Schieferstein will first evaluate the property and determine what individuals want an emphasis on. If they don’t have children, they won’t need a play area and may not need much green space. These individuals may prefer landscaping ideas that include lots of gardening area with gorgeous flowers and distinct bushes. Some individuals may want a relaxing retreat with a fountain and lots of plush greenery. Trees may be planted to provide shade, and some couples may even want to discuss hardscaping ideas with bricks, stones, and cement. This can all be evaluated when Ernest Schieferstein visits the property and speaks with couples about what they are interested in doing with their existing landscaping and what they want to achieve with the space.

After Ernest Schieferstein has discussed these goals with the individuals, they will then discuss colors and upkeep. Some landscaping ideas, such as flower gardens, may require consistent attention. For older couples who are unable to weed and garden, this type of landscaping is not recommended. Instead, elderly couples or those who have physical disabilities that keep them from maintaining their yard may prefer low upkeep designs such as bushes, hardscapes, and minimal greenery. Those who prefer flowers and upkeep may also need to consider the amount of direct light in the area to help their plants flourish.

There are many landscaping ideas that many individuals may have not considered when it comes to rejuvenating their property, so this is why a creative professional such as Ernest Schieferstein is best to tackle these sorts of projects. Contact Ernest Schieferstein Architecture today to schedule a home evaluation and consultation to determine what landscaping designs are best for your space!

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