Architect in Sag Harbour offers sculpture designer services

Sag Harbour area architecture, Ernest Schieferstein, is a proud sculpture designer who can provide artistic pieces for both residential and commercial spaces. He can use a myriad of materials to even make his sculpture weatherproof for sculptures being used in outdoor spaces.

Ernest Schieferstein has been an architect for many decades and continues to bring his eye-catching design to homes and businesses around the area. Clients in the Sag Harbour area have used his services including landscape design, interior design, and architectural renovations to enhance the spaces his clients work and live in. Many are excited to learn that Ernest Schieferstein also offers custom sculpture designs.

Sculptures made by Ernest Schieferstein can be created from many different mediums, and he can custom-fabricate sculptures that meet and exceed the expectations of his clients. Many enjoy the modern lines and flair of his sculptures, while others are interested in his ability to make any idea a reality with his sculpting talents.

To start the process of custom sculpture design, Ernest Schieferstein works closely with his clients. He starts with a consultation appointment with a potential client to discuss with them what they would like to have made. Some clients prefer a small sculpture for their interior space while others want larger outdoor sculptures for their place of business. Ernest Schieferstein speaks with potential clients as to what they are seeking and whether or not they have an idea in mind as to what they'd like their sculpture to look like. If patients are not quite sure, Ernest Schieferstein can develop some sketches of possible options to help in narrowing down the decision-making process.

Ernest Schieferstein then works on the sculpture once he receives approval through his client. Sculptures can be made from a myriad of materials, and this is discussed with clients before he continues on with the project. Some sculptures may need to be created from certain metals if they are to be used outdoors and are exposed to the elements.

Interested in finding out more about custom sculpture design? Contact Ernest Schieferstein Architecture today to book a consultation visit.

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