Design included all the modern conveniences of current daily living for our growing family while respecting the traditional detailing and work well with interior designers to bring to fruition their concepts and material choices.
- Francisco D'Agostino

Redecorating or redesigning a commercial or residential space can be challenging for anyone, but especially for the individual who is not particularly creative. In addition to visualizing optimal choice and placement of furnishings and accessories, there is also the challenge of finding the items desired. While the primary focus of Ernest Schieferstein Architecture in Sag Harbor, NY is to develop commercial buildings and living spaces, our firm also provides outstanding interior design services, as well as landscape design services.

Interior design is the practice of planning the most efficient, most attractive layout of a space. Proper design can make a commercial space more inviting or a residential living space more comfortable. Our team of designers helps our clients do everything from redecorating commercial spaces such as waiting rooms to redesigning home offices for greater efficiency. Individuals in the area of Sag Harbor, NY are welcome to contact Ernest Schieferstein and his team to discuss our various services, which include:
  • Staging
  • Kitchen and bath design
  • Window treatments
  • Furniture design and layout
  • Space planning
  • Electrical plans
Interior design services are not only beneficial for businesses and homes, but are also sought by individuals interested in selling property. Home sellers may be encouraged by their realtor to consult with an interior designer or arrange staging services aimed at making spaces more attractive and, therefore, more easily sold. Ernest Schieferstein comes highly recommended by several local agents for home staging at the onset of the selling process.

Whether clients are redesigning a space in which to live or work or for the intent of selling, Ernest Schieferstein listens carefully to client preferences in order to achieve the expected results within the planned budget. From floor to ceiling, details matter. Our team has the education and the hands-on experience to create beauty within various spaces.

If you live or work in a space and require assistance with redecorating or design, contact our firm. We make it our business to bring your vision into reality.

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