Are you seeking residential architects for your NY summer home?

My interior designer recommended Ernie. What we ended up with exceeded my expectations! Ernie didn't just give me a front entrance - he transformed the look of the house. His idea was so creative- not only was it in keeping with the contemporary style of my home, it looks like it was designed for the structure,
- Rose Fass

Many individuals in the NY area have a summer home in which they can escape during the warm months between May and August. Making that summer home a beautiful retreat can be done with the help of architects in the NY area—including Ernest Schieferstein.

Ernest Schieferstein is a quality architect who works with residential and commercial clients. When clients come to him to redecorate and renovate their summer home, they often have many questions.

How do I find the appropriate architects for my project?

Ernest Schieferstein is well versed in providing all kinds of architectural work. He listens closely to what his clients want to achieve when it comes to renovating or redecorating their summer home. He understands that some individuals want full control over the project, while others want to hand it over to an expert. Ernest Schieferstein pays close attention to the needs and desires of his clients to create the ultimate vacation retreat.

How can I make sure my architect’s style matches mine?

Ernest Schieferstein provides his potential clients with an in-depth website and portfolio, which allows them to browse his past projects and get a general idea of what his company is capable of achieving for clients. Many potential clients will interview him to learn about his strengths and past knowledge from projects done for other clients.

What can I expect to spend on architectural work on my summer home?

The cost of the project will vary greatly depending on many factors, including the hours of work necessary, and the cost of materials and contractors to complete the job. For an accurate quote, clients should speak with their architect to learn about the projected price for a job, whether it is a complete renovation of a summer home, or a simple redecorating project for several rooms within.

People who are located in the New York area are encouraged to contact Ernest Schieferstein Architecture today! A consultation appointment can help potential clients determine if his firm is an appropriate fit for upcoming projects and ideas.

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