East Hampton area architect discusses how to create harmony in the home with interior design

Ernie delivered an on time creative and functional home with a unique architectural style which is a representation of our family's life style.
- JoAnne & Jerry Mahoney

When it comes to creating an interior space where you feel comfortable, it is important to speak to an interior designer such as Mr. Ernest Schieferstein of East Hampton about achieving harmony and balance. This is one of a designer’s toughest jobs, especially when there are aspects of a room that cannot be eliminated. Unappealing windows, structures, trim, and carpet in a rental home, for example, may need serious attention in an effort to camouflage these imperfections and still achieve harmony and balance.

Interior design requires a professional to have a mental image of the finished result by assessing the features in a room that are beautiful and should be the focus of the room while noting the features that detract from the appearance of the overall interior space. By eliminating the negatives and accentuating the positives, an interior designer can achieve the harmony and beauty clients often want to achieve in their living spaces.

An interior designer often meets with East Hampton area clients who are interested in having their home and work spaces redesigned for a more distinctive, comfortable room that makes them feel happy and gives them a positive feel whenever they spend time in that room. Mr. Ernest Schieferstein often works closely with clients and provides them an initial assessment of their space to determine what can be done to achieve a more attractive space. Walking through the area and making note of architectural detail, views, and any striking features to determine which should be integrated into the final design and how it should be worked into the development of the harmony and balance.

Mr. Ernest Schieferstein is a quality interior designer who provides architectural design, landscaping, and many other services that can be used to address areas that may need a little pick-me-up. Clients interested in speaking with him are encouraged to contact his architectural firm and schedule a time for him to visit their living space and consult with them regarding the ways in which he can greatly improve these areas for socializing and entertaining or even tranquil rooms for optimal relaxation and comfort.

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