East Hampton professional offers home garden landscaping solutions for those seeking hardscaping

Many people who live in or around the East Hampton area understand the concept of landscaping in the home garden space. For many families, improving the outdoor areas of their home is a wonderful investment. Working on the front yard and back yard to make them attractive is a goal many families want to achieve. Whether it’s traditional landscaping or the even growing popularity of hardscaping, families will want to take into consideration in rejuvenating the appearance of the outdoors in their residential or business spaces.

Ernest Schieferstein is an architect, interior designer, and landscape designer who can help men and women with both the inside and the outside of their homes and businesses. He has the experience in his firm to provide quality work and ensure these living and working spaces are attractive and productive. At Ernest Schieferstein Architecture, we strive to provide our clients with only the best!

Hardscaping is an aspect of landscaping that incorporates the use of walls, fences, patios, decks, rocks, fountains, and stonework. It can be a great way to make long-term improvements to the home garden area and increase the living space.

Many clients who come to Ernest Schieferstein are interested in hardscaping for their back yards. These areas tend to be the best places for hardscaping because they are where clients spend a lot of time. Patio blocks with a space for a grill and patio table are common requests, as well as built-in fire pits. Our team of professionals can assess the current space allotted and develop a hardscaping design that suits the needs of your family. Many things are taken into consideration when designing a hardscaping solution including drainage issues, creating a proper focal point, and choosing elements that balance each other.

East Hampton area clients are welcome to contact Ernest Schieferstein Architecture to find out more about hardscaping, landscaping, and other home and garden solutions including renovating living spaces, expanding business offices, and even interior design. Contact our firm today to learn the many ways in which our team can assist in rejuvenating residential and corporate spaces, inside and out!

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