Benefits of hiring a horticulturist in the East Hampton area for landscape design

Ernest Schieferstein Architecture offers a wide range of design services for clients in the East Hampton area. He is a horticulturist who provides landscaping services and design to help individuals in rejuvenating outdoor spaces. Some clients hire Ernest Schieferstein to help liven up a blank canvas, either the front yard of a home for curb appeal or a business area. Others hire him to help transform an outdoor space into an effective living space, adding onto residential houses to extend the livable square footage of a home into the outside for resting and entertaining.

There are benefits to hiring a horticulturist for landscape design. Horticulturists have extended knowledge regarding plant propagation and cultivation, breeding, genetic plant engineering, biochemistry, and plant physiology. They know how to fabricate beautiful landscape ideas by considering the best plant selection for a space. This includes knowing the longevity of a plant, the insects and diseases they are resistant to, and understanding how they can handle the surrounding environmental stress. A horticulturist will also take into consideration many aspects including how a plant serves a purpose in the new living space. For example, will this flowering plant add color and dimension to the landscaping? Will a plant help deter certain pests from the living area to help make individuals comfortable in this new space? Will a bush or tree provide sufficient shade to the area for entertaining and relaxing? These are all aspects of a plant that need to be taken into consideration before integrating it into a landscape design.

Ernest Schieferstein is a horticulturist in the East Hampton area who offers architectural services, landscape design, and even interior design for individuals in and around the New York area. If you have been considering hiring a quality designer for spicing up your living space or commercial area, contact Ernest Schieferstein Architecture today to book an appointment and consult with our team. We welcome individuals who are just getting their feet wet in their residential or commercial project and want to find out more about what to expect during the landscaping design process from start to finish.

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