His attention to detail, flexibility to creatively modify changes and cooperatively working with landscape designer Diane Sjoholm made this project an enjoyable undertaking.
- JoAnne & Jerry Mahoney

Could your home use outdoor spaces that are more inviting? Could the curb appeal of your home or business be improved with the right landscaping? You may be keenly aware that changes are in order, but have no idea where to begin creating attractive outdoor spaces. Ernest Schieferstein and his team have extensive experience in landscape design and we have completed several projects in the Sag Harbor area. As such, we have the precise expertise you can rely on to complete your residential or commercial landscaping project.

The architectural firm of Ernest Schieferstein offers outstanding design services for those who want to improve the layout and overall appearance of their residential or commercial spaces, indoors and out. Our team of interior and landscape designers has the natural talent for achieving the results their clients want.

The landscape design services our clients may receive include:
  • Full landscape design
  • Documentation and observation
  • Construction
  • Site planning and concept design
  • Residential garden design
  • Garden structure and pergola design
  • Responsive planting design
  • Environmental vegetation site consultation
Professional landscape designers take the time to understand the environment and the desires of clients to develop the best quality landscaping available. Ernest Schieferstein goes to great lengths to ensure his services match the desires of his clients and he focuses not only on the beauty of the space but also the function. He wants to ensure that all elements work together and he addresses aspects including fencing, patio spaces, and even drainage solutions.

Sag Harbor, NY area residents interested in working with a landscape design professional are welcome to contact Ernest Schieferstein's architectural firm to learn about the ways in which our company can assist in transforming your living and workspaces to make them more inviting and beautiful. Landscaping in residential areas can increase property value and curb appeal, and can make spaces a great area for entertaining guests, while commercial landscaping can improve the appearance of the location, hide building imperfections, and allow business clients to feel relaxed and welcomed to your company the minute they set foot on your property. Working with a professional who provides landscape design and implementation can help improve your company's image and ensure the beauty and elegance of your business.

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