How to choose a NY landscape architect effectively

Many individuals in the NY area find it to be more difficult to design exteriors than interiors. There are so many options available when it comes to interior design, but very little in comparison for landscaping. When men and women in the NY area are seeking ways of adding beauty to their outdoor living spaces to extend their usable space and square footage, they often turn to a landscape architect.

A landscape architect such as Mr. Ernest Schieferstein has the experience and ability to help people in rejuvenating their tired, outdoor living spaces into tranquil, peaceful, and entertaining areas for families. Instead of stressing over landscaping ideas in the local hardware and landscaping store, it may be time to hire a landscape architect.

Landscape architects have a wide range of abilities including the eye to decorate both residential and commercial areas. Mr. Ernest Schieferstein has helped build small to large-scale gardens and business spaces and can help individuals in deciding the best design for their area. He has a wide range of clients who have had a plethora of landscaping projects from large to small and he can work with anything clients have in mind.

One important thing to consider when deciding on how to revamp an outdoor living space is to know what you want—or at least have a general idea in order to communicate these desires to the landscape architect. While some architects enjoy having a clean slate and a client without any specifics in mind, Mr. Ernest Schieferstein can better meet his clients’ needs if they have a general idea of what they want to achieve in these spaces. Pictures from magazines or from online pin boards of spaces that you like are a great start.

Interview the landscape architect and show them your design. Mr. Ernest Schieferstein may even be able to provide photos of past projects from his portfolio to see what strikes you as an attractive and desirable space. This helps him better understand the results you want to achieve and therefore, design a landscaping area that meets your expectations.

Discuss your project with Mr. Ernest Schieferstein, get a feel for what he can accomplish with your outdoor living space, and decide if his design firm is right for you!

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