Landscape designers can improve curb appeal for houses in the Hamptons

Landscape designers in the Hamptons, such as architect, Ernest Schieferstein, are professionals who can help clients in redesigning the outdoor living spaces of their home or residential areas to enhance curb appeal. Curb appeal is the beauty of the space from the street—how it looks to others as they drive or walk by. Ernest Schieferstein works with many individuals who are interested in improving the curb appeal of their homes and often work with landscape designers to do so.

Clients in the Hamptons can improve their curb appeal with the help of a landscape designer in several ways.
  • Outdoor lighting is key, especially for spaces where entertaining or relaxing will occur in the evenings. Subtle lighting in appropriate areas can create the desired ambiance.
  • A quick and affordable way of changing the look of the home year round is to use potted plants on the porch and along the driveway. It is easy to replant or move flowers and plants as necessary.
  • Don't ignore the mailbox! Instead of letting a mailbox detract from a home's appeal, integrate it into the space and make it look as though it is "one" with the home.
  • Renew old planter beds and create new ones with beautiful, easy-to-maintain plants and flowers. Ernest Schieferstein can help in developing an attractive design that meets the needs and budget of his clients.
  • Add arbors and fences for visual appeal, and for areas to decorate. They can also create boundaries for the home and keep pets on the property.
  • Do not be afraid to use "outdoor art" such as fountains or sculptures to enhance the area. Many individuals are afraid of these items looking tacky or not fitting into the feel of the space, but a professional such as Ernest Schieferstein can help homeowners choose appropriate artwork that will complement the landscaping and home.
Individuals in and around the Hamptons are welcome to contact Ernest Schieferstein Architecture to work with a professional in landscape design, as well as an expert in architecture and interior design. He works with businesses and residents in developing beautiful spaces that work!

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