Common landscape design ideas used in the Westhampton, New York area

There are many ways in which a Westhampton, New York landscape design professional can help in rejuvenating and even transforming outdoor spaces. Ernest Schieferstein is a landscaping designer who can expand the living space of homes and business by working in specific ideas into the development of the garden, patio, or lawn spaces.

Ernest Schieferstein has helped many individuals in improving the curb appeal of their outdoor spaces and is dedicated in helping clients understand the ideas that can completely transform an area. Below are some considerations clients should keep in mind when working with a professional to design their outdoor spaces:


One of the best aspects of beautiful landscaping is green space. Lush, green lawns are extremely inviting, and integrating in potted plants, trees, and other landscaping greenery is the best way to make use of outdoor elements. Flowers and certain plants can emit wonderful scents that can encourage others to linger in the garden space and enjoy the beauty of the area.


Having distinct pathways and walkways through a landscaping project is the most appropriate way of directing a flow of traffic through the space. These pathways can lead to the front, back, or into the house or building. They can lead to places to relax such as patios and pools.


For some, areas with shade are important. These are the best places for friends and family to gather together to talk about their day and share many laughs. When clients are interested in expanding their home's living space to the outdoors, Ernest Schieferstein will take into consideration options for shade, whether it be fencing, tall trees, or even canopies over areas of seating.


Integrating color is important, especially in areas where there is an extensive amount of hardscaping. Color can be integrated with beautifully tinted stones, planters, or flowers.

Ernest Schieferstein is proud to offer not only landscaping services but interior design and architectural layouts for renovations and new building projects. Contact him today to book a consultation appointment and learn about all his firm can provide for business and home owners in the Westhampton, New York community and surrounding areas.

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